As YOUR Kamloops Mortgage Expert,  a large part of what I do is educate people on exactly what a mortgage broker does. While the list of services I provide is long, my customers generally fall into one of two categories – Those who are looking to Purchase a home, rental property or second home – this includes First Time Home Buyers! Those who are looking to refinance their current mortgage, by increasing their mortgage amount or adding a Home Equity Line of Credit to their current mortgage.

Consistently being the #1 top-rated mortgage broker in Kamloops on Yelp and dozens of 5 star Facebook reviews is your peace of mind that I always put my clients needs first.

How does a Mortgage Broker get paid?
The services of a Mortgage Broker are almost always free to use! I get paid a commission or finders fee from the Lender for bringing your business to them. The amount paid is based on the amount of the mortgage and the product chosen.

What does a Mortgage Broker do exactly?
Mortgage Brokers are government licensed and trained professionals who have access to a variety of lenders including Banks, Credit Unions and Monoline lenders. Through knowing the ins-and-outs of the market and armed with an extensive resource of lenders, we can get you the best mortgage product and rate in Kamloops. As your mortgage broker, my goal is to assist you in saving thousands in interest, avoid significant mortgage penalties and achieve your home ownership goals faster.

A Mortgage Broker Vs. A Bank
Just popping into your bank used to be the go-to way to purchase a home. However with increased housing prices and the government B20 mortgage rule changes/stress test you need the advice of an independent professional who can explain all of your mortgage options, navigate complex applications and ensure you are getting approved and approved for the amount you want. 

As a mortgage broker, I am not a lender, instead, I act as a middle man between you and the bank, credit union and other lender. As the middle man, my goal is to get you the best possible mortgage product and rate for your unique situation. It’s my legal responsibility as a government licensed mortgage broker to act in your best interest.

 Other Advantages Of Using A Kamloops Mortgage Broker

If you have a below average credit rating due to past financial troubles, the complexity of getting a mortgage is that much higher. With a mortgage broker’s curated set of lenders, you capitalize on our existing relationships saving you time and money. A broker can also connect you with other professionals like real estate agents, lawyers, and contractors that you may otherwise not have connections with. 

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